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A reunion story: The perfect best friend that I’ve ever wanted and never had


As Charisse was busy preparing for her mother’s birthday party, she got the best news ever.  Charisse, a mom herself living in a Texas small town, had been on a mission to help grant her mother’s one true wish: to find the daughter she’d given up years ago.

“I’d searched on and off for years,” said Charisse’s mother, Sue. “But I would always run into dead ends.”

It wasn’t until Charisse posted on a popular registry site managed by search angels that they found the help they needed.

“We heard from a lot of search angels,” Charisse said, “but Mary was the only one we spoke with and the one who was determined to help us. She stepped in like a godsend and was so sweet and so caring!”

From start to finish it took Spokeo Search Angel Mary Wilson, only a couple of months to locate Wendy. After one tough setback, she woke up determined, “I’m going to finish this. I’m going to figure out which girl this is for Sue and Charisse.” And with the best technology and tools on her side, find her she did.

On May 5th, Wendy got the first call from Mary and that same afternoon, two sisters connected.

“Wendy called me and said, ‘this is your sister,’” exclaimed Charisse, “I screamed and cried and asked if she wanted to join us that same afternoon for mom’s birthday party and surprise her.”

“I usually would never suggest this as a gift but the way it played out was perfect,” said the expert search angel, Mary when sharing the story.

“Wendy came to meet us 30 minutes beforehand, and as mom walked in, I stopped her at the door and asked, ‘Mom, what is the one thing that you’d ever want for your birthday, EVER,” recounted Charisse about the first meeting.

After a few seconds, Wendy walked around Charisse and said “I am your daughter!”


According to the ladies, “her face was priceless.”

Following the big reveal which included Wendy’s husband, three children and grandchild, things seemed to settle in quite naturally for all the family.

“You’d think it’d be like some big TV special, but it was just like we had always been there,” recalled Wendy of the initial meeting. ”We have the same nose, same feet and same hands!”

“It was the best birthday and Mother’s Day ever,” said Sue of the effort between her two daughters to surprise her. “When it happens, it HAPPENS, and I thank the Lord for bringing us together.”

“She gave me a great gift,” explained Wendy about Sue in regards to the adoption. “I lived a great life and I’m thankful. When I was younger, I went through a feeling of abandonment, but as I got older I realized what she did. I can’t imagine what it takes to have that strength. My heart broke for her. I’ve always, without knowing her, admired her.”

“All I wanted was to heal that part of my mother’s heart,” explained Charisse about her decision to begin the search. “but this experience has opened up a-whole-nother world!”

“She’s the perfect best friend that I’ve ever wanted, but never had,” said Wendy about her sister and new best friend. “It just makes sense… the perfect best friend.”

Ever since the big birthday party all three ladies have gotten together regularly. From a seven hour catch-up session which included lunch and dinner in the same restaurant, to a family gathering for Mother’s Day, the three feel like the family is truly “now complete.”

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