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Announcing the 2014 Search Angels at the AAC Annual Conference

It was a true pleasure to announce the winners of the 2014 Spokeo Search Angel Awards last week. This year we had the honor of presenting them for the first time in person at the American Adoption Congress Annual Conference in San Francisco: Building Bridges for Change.

Spokeo’s CEO, Ray Chen was on hand to introduce the winners during a conference break.



The 2014 winners, Patricia Neal and Laura Witherspoon (below left to right) were selected by the Spokeo Search Angels Advisory Committee from more than 20 nominees.


The event also provided the unique opportunity for advisory committee members, search angel award winners and Spokeo execs to get together from all over the nation!


Left to right: Patricia Neal (2014 winner), Laura Witherspoon (2014 winner), Vanessa Waite (Spokeo, Dir. of PR), Ray Chen (Spokeo CEO), Mary Wilson (2013 Winner), Marilyn Waugh (Advisory Committee Member and AAC state Rep), Pam Kroskie (Advisory Committee member and AAC President)


Spokeo Search Angel Award winners, past and present. Left to right: Patricia Neal, Laura Witherspoon, Mary Willson and Connie Gray

Thanks to the American Adoption Congress for hosting us in San Francisco!

Along with the all-expense paid trip to attend the conference, the winners each received a $1,000 cash grant (from the Spokeo Search Angel Fund hosted by the Mixed Roots Foundation) and a one-year membership to all Spokeo search tools!