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Social Media Safety & Pinning with Mothers’ Club


Last week, we had the distinct honor of hosting 12 mothers from our favorite multi-generation learning center in Pasadena – Mothers’ Club. The ladies arrived in the afternoon and got a tour of both floors of the Spokeo offices.


After a few treats and some berry lemonade, we got down to business discussing social media and safety. We covered the obvious “don’t post credit card information” and even the not-so-obvious “think about what’s in the background of your photos!” points. Once everyone felt comfortable with privacy settings, we moved on to the fun part — learning how to set up a Pinterest account! The mothers had previously requested learning about Pinterest specifically to use it to plan parties. After a few minutes of some tutorials, we got down to party pinning.

We had a fabulous time entertaining and educating the ladies at Spokeo. We hope this small introduction to online tools will lead to further interest in learning about technology. Here’s to looking forward to more workshops (and more women in tech careers) in the future! Thanks Mothers’ Club for joining us.