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Spokeo Announces Connections Scholarship

Connections Scholarship

From kindergarten to college, it’s back to school time again! Though most parents may be relieved to send off their kids, for parents of college students the stress continues. Tuition, books, dorm supplies (track down those special sheets the the extra long twin bed), the to-do and check writing list is endless. With the price of a college education rising, Spokeo is now here to help!

For those college students (or about-to-be college students) with a talent for prose, Spokeo is launching a scholarship program. The winning essay will win a $1,000 scholarship.

Interested students should choose from one of the three following topics and submit his or her essay by November 20, 2013.

1. Connections – At Spokeo we are all about connecting people. If you could have a direct connection with anyone living today, who would it be? How would you use this connection to make the world around you better?

2. Relationships – Relationships both present and past play a huge part in shaping who we are as people. Which relationship in your life do you value most, and in what ways has it impacted your life?

3. Access to Data – In today’s world we rely on access to data to complete a number of crucial everyday tasks. What does open access to data mean to you? What opportunities does open access to data hold for the future?

What are you waiting for? You know that you’re either a starving college student yourself or know of a starving college student who could use these funds. For more information, including the rules and eligibility requirements, visit the Spokeo Connections Scholarship page.