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Spokeo Hosts Rails Girls LA as part of Innovate Pasadena Connect Week


As part of Innovate Pasadena’s 2015 Connect Week events, Spokeo hosted the Fall Rails Girls LA workshop over the past weekend. We’d participated with volunteers in the past, but it was exciting to support this great event in our own offices this year.

Rails Girls  is a two-day, non-profit event that provides women with a welcoming first experience in software craftsmanship by providing a comfortable learning space and by making technology approachable. The Fall Rails Girls LA Workshop hosted 31 ladies interested in learning Ruby on Rails, and 18 coaches who provided friendly guidance and support. 

Friday night, known as “installation night,” was a casual setting with snacks and goodies allowing participants to install Ruby on Rails and get prepped for all the great learning to take place the next day.

On Saturday, coaches and students got down to business! After a filling start with a variety of breakfast burritos and coffee, we kicked off the day with a series of presentations from Rails Girls organizer Jen Diamond, Spokeo lead software architect (and Rails Girls organizer) Austin Fonacier, and Spokeo Directer of PR and Innovate Pasadena Board Member, Vanessa Waite. Volunteer coaches Machiko and Hannah also presented on their technical experience, and then the teams kicked off building their web apps. The overachievers broke for a lunch of sandwiches and salads earlier than expected, but got back together again in the afternoon for another few hours of coding.

After most teams had published their apps, the students presented their work, and as a group completed a fun “BentoBox” exercise where students categorized a list of technologies as either storage, logic, infrastructure, or styling. Things wrapped up with even more delicious sweets after a very long day of meeting life-long mentors and new friends. 

We’re honored to support such a great organization providing new opportunities to introduce women to technology. No matter who you are, it’s never too late (or too soon, as we had a 13-year-old this year!) to learn something new. To learn more about RailsGirls and get involved, either as a student or a a coach, visit http://railsgirls.com/la.

View more photos of the event on Facebook!