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Spokeo Kicks Off Grants Program with ALMA Grant Donation

Spokeo kicked off its community grants program with a donation to the ALMA (Adoptees Liberty Movement Association) Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for adoptee rights and reuniting members of the adoption triad (adoptive parents, adoptees and birth families). The inaugural grant consisted of a Spokeo premium enterprise subscription including access to 1,000 free searches a month.

“This grant has enabled us to save a tremendous amount of time when reaching out to our own members and assisting them with their searches,” said Marie Anderson, program coordinator for the ALMA Society. “What a blessing Spokeo is to our cause. We are extremely appreciative of this grant! In only two months, we have already found Spokeo to be helpful in more than 600 cases.”

The ALMA Society was founded in 1971 by adoptee Florence Fisher. To read more about this great organization, visit www.almasociety.org/