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Spokeo partners with Mixed Roots to launch Awards Program

Kicking off our effort to reconnect families, Spokeo, non-profit partner, Mixed Roots Foundation and our twelve-member advisory committee have launched the “Spokeo Search Angel Awards” honoring deserving individuals who donate their time to helping adoptees and birth family members search for one another.

“Search angels play an integral role in helping adult adoptees find their birth families. They provide guidance, emotional support, and the much needed time and effort necessary in tracking down family members,” said Holly Choon Hyang Bachman, adoptee, founder and president of the Mixed Roots Foundation. “We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Spokeo to further develop programs that will assist adoptees, including establishing a Search Angel Fund that will not only provide a cash award to the search angels that are being recognized, but also provide ongoing grants to help offset the costs that search angels incur while conducting their searches.”

After receiving more than 70 nominations from those who have been helped by Search Angels, we are extremely inspired and look forward to announcing the deserving winners of the award soon! Read more.