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Spokeo’s Computer Coding for Kids Workshop


This past Saturday, our talented programmers dedicated their morning to¬†inspiring¬†the youngest generation of innovators in Pasadena. Spokeo hosted it’s first Coder Dojo session to teach Pasadena-area youth, the basics of computer programming.

It turned out to be an intimate and fun session where one of our developers (and Kung Fu master) Homan, led the group in building a custom game using Scratch, a program built by MIT students that breaks down programming language for everyone. With assistance from our other four mentors, Triet, Sam, Jay and Harrison, our dojo participants built a game and named their own robot characters as the stars.

We had a great morning watching the kids’ faces light up every time they saw the result of their work and touring them around the fun Spokeo offices, complete with a nerf gun armory, Makerbot 3-D printer and a bacon-themed conference room.

We’re very much looking forward to our next session soon! Be sure to take a look through the Facebook Album and let us know if you know of a group of kids who’d be interested in joining us next time.